What is a Web Proxy?

A web proxy is a site that can be used to retrieve the content of other sites

Why use a Web Proxy?

Typical usages of a web proxy are:

  • Maintain a degree of anonymity while browsing the web
  • Reach sites that would otherwise be unreachable because of restrictions upon the network from which the user is connecting
  • Use a site from different IP addresses to pretend being a different person, for example when playing many accounts ("multiaccount") in a web game where this is forbidden by the game rules (like Travian for example)
  • Bypass regional restrictions by using a proxy from a specific country

Why should I use the FECCME Web Proxy?

Not every site can be browsed via a web proxy: most of them just don't work properly. Also web proxies tend to be very slow because of lack of resources. The FECCME web proxy is a new generation of web proxy that brings you almost any web site with a negligible impact on performance. Only the most complex web sites don't work via FECCME, but our team is committed to fixing these issues. Please report any problem you have to our email address: Please enable javascript to see the address

What is a Web Proxy Cloud?

The FECCME Web Proxy Cloud is a collection of different proxy servers, each with a unique name and address, located in different parts of the world. You can use any proxy of the cloud, the one that is faster for you. You can also switch to a different proxy server if you want to change the IP seen by the target site (for multiaccount).


How to browse a site

To start browsing a site via the FECCME Proxy, go to the Home Page, type an address in the field above the "Fetch" button then click on that button. The address you type can either be a full url like "http://www.somesite.org" or just the site name like "www.somesite.org".

How to change FECCME server

In the Home Page, under the Fetch button, you can see a table listing all available FECCME servers in the cloud. For each server you can see the ping value (time that your browser takes to reach the server and come back - lower is better), the name (domain name), the location where the server is physically placed and the month of creation. Choose which server to use by clicking on the respective radio button on the left before clicking on the Fetch button.

Using the browser address bar

You can also change proxy and target site by typing in the browser address bar. So for example to open the "www.tribalwars.net" page via the "hytre.info" proxy you can type the following address: "hytre.info/www.tribalwars.net"

Using the control panel address bar

Every page loaded through the proxy shows a control panel with the FECCME logo on the left. In the middle of the control panel you can see the address of the current loaded page. It differs from the address shown in the browser address bar because you see the target address in clear form. To change url, just type the address you want there, as if it were a normal address bar.


What are mutliaccounts?

Many online games, like Travian for instance, can be more easily played by registering more than one username and having them collaborate to reach the final goal. This is called "multiaccounts". Playing this way is often forbidden by the game rules. Multiaccounts are detected in many ways: game tactics, IP address of the browser, cookies, and... guessing! So, for example, if the game admin (aka "multihunter") sees an unusual transfer of resources from one account to another, and both accounts are played from the same IP address, then most probably those accounts are owned by the same person. To be even more sure, online games put a cookie in the browser and if this cookie is sent to both accounts, then the user is the same. When multiaccounts are detected, users are usually punished with a virtual fine (like removing a building) but could also be suspended or banned from the game.

How can a proxy help with multiaccounts?

When playing a game via a web proxy like FECCME, your IP address is hidden: only the IP address of the proxy is visible to the game server. You can therefore play each account via a different proxy, so that they will never be related to each other by match of the IP address. By using different proxy servers you are also keeping cookies separate, because the browser only sends a cookie to the server that created it, which is the proxy in this case.

Multiaccounts in FECCME

FECCME is a "web proxy cloud": it is composed of many proxy servers, and the number is still growing. When you want to play two accounts in the same game, you just have to remember to switch server. So, for example, you can play account1 via hytre.info and account2 via ont.rocks. Just remember to always play each account via a different proxy, always the same, and the game will never know that they are played from the same browser: ip address and cookies will be different.

To change proxy server, go to the proxy home page and select the one you need from the "Available proxy servers" list. You can also type the proxy address directly in the address bar or better still use bookmarks to switch.

In a future version of FECCME, you will be able to switch to a different set of cookies and IP without changing proxy server - keep an eye on the news!